Rock ’n Roll
Branding for aapi

Aapi is a dynamic young start-up with a 🤘🏻 Rock ’n Roll 🤘🏻 mentality. The name Aapi refers to the Belgian word ‘aap’ (ape/monkey) and 2 abbreviations: API (Application Protocal Interface) and AI (Artificial Intelligence). They create innovative apps for the Hospitality Business, which promise to eliminate all hassles and paperwork for Hospitality Business Owners.

In short, there will be “NO MORE MONKEY BUSINESS” when using Aapi. The challenge with this brand was to keep things low budget, as it still is a start-up, but at the same time reflect the professionalism and attract the high end users the app is aiming for in the near future. And of course the brand needed to stand out as much as possible in rapidly growing world of hospitality apps and organisational tools.

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