AZ Monica was looking for a way to facilitate Hospital visits for their patients. By collecting all possible necessities to visit the Hospital in one well structured app, the aim was to take away some of the patients stress and hassles to visit AZ Monica. From general practical info about the hospital all the way to detailed information about a procedure or consultation scheduled for the patient.

The look of the interface is based on the existing branding of AZ Monica. But, in accordance with the AZ Monica team, a refresh was proposed. A small summary of the interventions: 
1/ Some square corners were rounded to make the interface feel softer, more humane and more welcoming for the patients.
2/ Triangular shapes, based on the letter ‘M’ of the logo were added in the background, to add a little extra depth to the flat colors of the branding.
3/ Secondary colors were introduced to support the hospital's branches.
4/ An iconographic system was elaborated.
5/The fonts were optimized. No more capitalization of titles, because it’s both stressful for patients to read and it’s just less readable, especially for longer phrases. Also the spacing and line height were fine tuned for readability.
6/ And last but not least: chatbot mascot “Moniek” was introduced. A friendly nurse, who helps patients find their way in the app. The design of the mascot was based on the logo shapes.

A chatbot to simplify paperwork
One of the most stressful actions in this trajectory is filling out the often complicated paperwork. Pages of questions to go through, often leading to mistakes or wrongfully completed forms. To minimize this hassle an intelligent chatbot was introduced, to take the patient through the questionnaire and will automatically shortcut to the right questions. Not only will this help the patient to fill out the form correctly, it’s a huge timesaver. And of course the collected data is kept for reference, so no more filling out the same forms or questions over and over again. 

Pain Locator

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