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Lostintranslation strikes in Betfair Chase

06 Dec Lostintranslation strikes in Betfair Chase

Lostintranslation moved into the head of lists after getting the better of defending Winner Bristol De Mai in an Exciting climax at Haydock.

An excellent winner of the Grade One contest at each of the last two seasons, the Nigel Twiston-Davies-trained Bristol De Mai had been aiming to become the next three-times winner Merseyside – after the great Kauto Star, that won four renewals, along with the popular Cue Card.
The gray faced just three rivals for his hat-trick bidding – and was the joint-favourite that was 5-4 together with the up-and-coming Losintranslation, who had made a nice start to his season in Carlisle three weeks ago, albeit at business.
Bristol De Mai was bowling along at the head of incidents, as is his wont – and also a few jumps kept the pressure on those in behind.
His Charlie Hall Chase-winning stablemate Ballyoptic and the Paul Nicholls-trained Frodon were both under stress before the home turn, however having been ridden patiently in the back for much of three-mile travel by Robbie Power, Colin Tizzards Lostintranslation moved ominously into contention early in the right place.
Bristol De Mai – unbeaten in four previous visits to Haydock – did not give up his crown without a fight, but Lostintranslation dug heavy to emerge victorious with a length and a half.
Paddy Power clip 5-1 for the Ladbrokes King George VI Chase and the winner apart at Kempton on Boxing Day, while he is the 5-1 favourite for the Gold Cup at Prestbury Park in March from 8-1.
Tizzard stated:I have never had a single jump better than that fella. Hes just a lovely horse and we make sure he is looked after by us as they dont come along very often.
He is immaculate at his fences – that he makes the ideal shape. He just got into the 2nd last in tight and was in a heap. Bristol De Mai might have headed him. He kept moving to the line, although we did not understand what he went to find.
He stays well and has obtained the pace for 2 miles. He has everything ahead of him.
Paddy Power cut Lostintranslation to 3-1 from 5-1 for your Ladbrokes King George VI Chase at Kempton on Boxing Day, although he is the 5-1 favorite from.
Hell have completed, if he can go on to acquire these 2 races
The strategy at the beginning of the year was to have a training race, then come with this and to have a go in the #1million bonus, therefore hell go for the King George next, Tizzard confirmed.
Whether we must conduct him involving the King George and Cheltenham, we do not understand yet – we want to go to the Gold Cup.
Kempton is the plan, certainly – it might suit him longer. He has won here today and performed it against Bristol De Mai. It he overcome Cue Card therefore this is his first path.
Our horse has the tempo and he could jump and we have seen today he could grind it out on good to soft earth – that horse has everything.
Robbie Power has ridden one Cheltenham Gold Cup winner at 2017 victor Sizing John – and believes Lostintranslation has all of the features to make him a competitor.
He said:It is no secret how much we thought of the particular horse. Today was D-Day – he had been stepping into the big boys league.
They do not come much bigger than Bristol De Mai round Haydock, so we were planning to find out lots about his Gold Cup qualifications. The horse has completed the talking, and it has answered all of them.
I could not believe how well he had been travelling. He had been in his comfort zone the whole way. It is six months into the King George which is ideal, although he has had a difficult race. He will be freshened up and he is only seven, which roll on Kempton.
Sizing John has been a fantastic jumper. This horse has a lot of similarities in that he jumps and has a speed that is good although they dont come better than him.
These are the two chief characteristics you will need to get a Gold Cup contender.
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