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2019-20 Premier League Betting Preview: Best Futures Bets for Every Team

06 Dec 2019-20 Premier League Betting Preview: Best Futures Bets for Every Team

With the Premier Leagues aid this week comes the recurrence of proper football gambling. Sure, weve been betting the Copa Libertadores and that the 2019 Womens World Cup, however, let us be fair, we are all happy the Premier League is back.
With this column, Im going to break the very best ways to wager all 20 Premier League teams.
Only a select few teams will be in line to lift Premier League silverware come seasons end and chances reflect that. As I sit here putting this Manchester City is the??preferred at -200 while Liverpool is currently +280 at outrights in Bovada. Following that, there is a large drop-off to the trio of Tottenham (+2000) and Chelsea and Manchester United in +2800.
But football lends itself to wager team and/or player futures. And that is the point of this column. We all know somebody like Bournemouth is not likely to win the team, however what is the ideal method to bet them for all those searching at season-long alternatives?
Well, youve come to the ideal place.
Let us get right into it moving alphabetically the league starting with this particular team I despise oh.
First off, allow me to say that those 20/1 chances arent the theme of this report, but the value isnt too good to pass up with this.
This is an interesting time for Arsenal. This group will fight to get into Europa League, as it stands right now, although I grew up watching this club compete — and win titles.
Of theBig Six in the league, Arsenal could be fifth-best. In addition, teams like Everton, Wolves and Leicester are likely to make a push in the Gunners if they are not careful.
1 thing that they do better than every other side in England, and potentially can perform, is dent damn goals. They already boast Alexandre Lacazette and??Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang however have simply added Nicolas P??p?? to create an attacking trio that is going to strike fear into the remainder of the league.
Thats why for my first pick here, Im gonna proceed with the Gunners to lead the Premier League in goals in this very, very appealing cost of 20/1, which can be had in BetOnline.
Arsenal wont have the ability to defend a stink, however if they want to play in 5-4 games, they have assembled the squad for it.
Villa contributes into the Premier League for the first time as from the 2015-16 season. While they gained advertising via the movie after finishing fifth in the table, they have made many transfers to strengthen the squad and I enjoy them to finish as the top encouraged club in the Premier League this year.
Highlighting those incomings for the Villans is center-forward Wesley, a 22-year-old Brazilian whos from Belgian side Club Brugge to satisfy the void left by Tammy Abraham, that had a fantastic year on loan from Chelsea to assist their advertising.
Yes, Norwich and Sheffield United ended 18 and 13 points ahead of the Villans, but I feel like Villa, ever a Premier League mainstay ahead of the above relegation, is your larger club and will do whatever it could to remain safely at the top flight.
Taking my chances here at online store Sports Interaction with this at -111.
Coming off his most profitable year in the Premier League with 14 goals, this really is my favourite Bournemouth futures wager considering I believe that this bar is in store for the underwhelming year in 2019-20.
Bournemouth was able to score last year. In actuality, they had been the team outside the six clubs that are big. The Cherries managed 56 targets and while I anticipate more goalscoring from them, defense will often let them down . This usually means the possibility of never taking their foot off the gas and potentially playing from behind.
Wilson managed 14 targets but had 10 assists so hes a large part of that Bournemouth assault, as stated. In only 30 Premier League looks, mind you. I will happily buy into him breaking up 10.5 this season, provided at -115 at Bovada.
Welcome to the first of this backTo Be Relegated picks as I like Brighton to return with a decent price of +155 at Bovada.
Brighton managed to fend off relegation last year with 36 points,??two ahead of 18th-placed Cardiff, that managed a win on the last moment.
The side struggled to score goals (35) and has tried to address that by adding Neal Maupay out of Brentford and winger Leandro Trossard from Belgian side Genk. All these are fine additions but I do not feel it is enough to save Brighton out of what looks to be an??ultra-competitive season up and down the dining table.
It will be an experience during 2019-20 and +155s odds reflect that. But maybe not as much as my other choice.
A couple of years ago this team finished seventh with 54 points. Last year, but was substantially different because a 14-point dip saw them finish at 15th — just six points over 18th-placed Cardiff.
The Clarets once prided themselves on being a tough nut to crack defensively, however, Sean Dyches men allowed a whopping 68 goals past year. That number was the most since they were encouraged back to the airport to the 2016-17 effort.
There are going to be problems. Can they include anybody of notice? Well, left back Erik Pieters gives them a bit of steel in the place and is a textbook Burnley type. However, the likes of Jay Rodriguez doesnt instill a lot of confidence from the attacking third.
The fight for Premier League survival and Major season forward for Burnley will be actual. However, the way this is about, I really dont enjoy this team. I will take my chances in Bovada at 2/1.
I feel weird about that. When you moved the other way here, in fact, I wouldnt blame you. Frank Lampard is the director. They have a transport ban. Eden Hazard was dropped by them. Why take the OVER?
Well, the team is really gifted and if they are going to eclipse this total, it basically hinges on how well Christian Pulisic adjusts to life in the Premier League. The American is essentially fulfilling the giant shoes made by Hazard, whos moved on to Real Madrid.
Despite a somewhattumultuous year under Maurizio Sarri, Chelsea ended third at the league with 72 points and won the Europa League. For some reason, Sarri was axed and replaced, for a certain reason, by club legend Lampard, previously of Derby County, that failed to seal promotion.
Due to the decent performance last season with all the fan outrage atSarri Ball bubbling the whole time, I think this group is able to leapfrog this amount, which you can locate at Bovada.
Yes. I am copping out here. So what?
Totally carrying the chalky root of this team since, frankly, a lot hinges on whether Wilf Zaha remains on the staff come deadline day.
Regardless, I think this team could potentially be relegation-bound and, if Zaha stays or not, will not crack the top 10.
You would think they would proceed from Roy Hodgson, but they havent. You would think they would spend some of the money they obtained for Wan-Bissaka, but they havent. I really do not know what the intentions of the club are.
If Zaha leaves, then hammer the crap out of the, which is -400 at a few spots but -330 at Bovada. Nevertheless bet it even though its chalky like hell if he stays.
Ill be rooting for this team to become relegated.
I love Everton. LOVE them. The one thing that can make them better is if they signed that Brazilian winger Everton.
But seriously, being able to take future celebrity Moise Kean from Juventus for under what he should have gone has been great business and potentially among the motions of the summertime. Add him to an attack which contains the likes of Richarlison et al. along with the Toffees should be able to play some eye-catching football.
I am composing this to the Wednesday prior to the transfer window opens, and that I strongly believe Everton still has a surprise or two up its sleeve. Regardless, Im taking a shot at the Toffees to complete six at +340, again at Bovada while it is +300 elsewhere.
I visit one of United, Arsenal or Chelsea taking a step back along with also the likes of Everton, Wolves and Leicester making a push. This one has some odds that are longer, but I will be quite a Everton lover in 2019-20.
Oh, talking of Leicester…
I am very enthusiastic about Leicester this year. A full campaign under supervisor Brendan Rodgers, a full season with midfielder Youri Tielemans and incorporating Ayoze P??rez into the combination makes Leicester an exciting team to watch and an exciting team to bet on.
Leicester had been a mixed bag last season. They started to actually see when Tielemans and Rodgers joined and injected some new life into a club which had been enjoying lackluster football.
So weve got a more stable and lot better side that is tabbed in 2.5 points greater ? I seem at Leicester among the threats to the top six. Im backing the OVER.
Bobby Chompers has eclipsed this number just once in his Premier League career (15 goals in 2017-18), but I will take my chances on him breaking this year at Bovada.
He did finish with a cool dozen season past as Liverpool ended with 89 targets, but discussing goalscoring responsibilities together with the likes of Mohamed Salah and Sadio Man?? will make one worry if you can find enough to go around.
Man?? is sitting there with a number of 17.5 with Salah in a whopping 23.5. I like the UNDER??those guys on both, so that I expect an uptick in creation by Firmino.
It is going to be an exciting wager to watch unfold during the entire year and while there is no shortage of goalscoring in Liverpool, expect this one to come down to the last few matchdays.
Tough to discover some value on the best staff in the league, so I am gont require a stab with this tiny future sitting in -111 in Sports Interaction.
Most novels have City about -200 to win the jackpot and while many (myself included) think that the league is really a coin toss between the Citizens and Liverpool, this may prove to be the best way to wager City in futures markets. Or a few of them, at least.
City left Angeli??o back and hasnt actually splashed the cash around this window, but has added midfielder Rodri, but if it ai not broke, dont fix it.
This is a number. Frankly, this could easily go either way. Frankly, I think United will have problems this past year. And I think Ole Gunnar Solskjaer could be among the initial managers sacked this year.
United finished with 66 points last season and 2 draws among its eight games,??going out having less of a bang and a whimper.
All of us remember if Solskjaer took over and that Jose Mourinho was midway through the summer, they began to win matches. After Mourinhos departure, United drew two at the ensuing dozen Premier League games and won 10 plus they took on Solskjaer .
He unleashed Paul Pogba and the midfielder seemed content in his new function. However, the wheels fell off down the stretch losing five of its nine league matches.
They overspent on Harry Maguire.
I really dont need to add anything to this.
Like I said, I believe United underwhelms this year and Ole is gone from Christmas. The UNDERll be taken by me, please.
Bit of another one here using a player squirt, but with than a middling club at best, I am gon na reunite their fresh striker Joelinton to score 10 or more objects, which will be currently sitting there at 3/1 in BetWay.
The 22-year-old Brazilian comes out of Hoffenheim at which he scored seven goals in most contests in 2018-19 in the Bundesliga and 11. Basically, Joelinton replaces.
Joelinton combines the likes of Rolando Aarons, Christian Atsu along with Allan Saint-Maximin in attack and I dont see how anybody apart from Joelinton reliably scores goals, while this certainly feels as though it would result in a fun squad to utilize at FIFA 20.
Gimme the Magpie for OVER 10 this year.
Even the Canaries dropped just six of the 46 games, also won the Championship title last year, finishing up five points on Sheffield United. It was a fantastic showing for a team that was excited to get back to the Premier League.
Its rare that three promoted clubs become relegated down to the Championship and with returning Premier League clubs like Burnley, Crystal Palace and Brighton not appearing too sharp with all the season I enjoy the Canaries likelihood of sticking around.
The season will be quite a one for several reasons, however I think Norwich does the task also sticks around for20-21. This can be had at -120 in BetWay.
Though the Blades finished second to secure automatic promotion to the Premier League, it had been mainly due to very excellent defensive play rather than goals that are banging.
That said, they could score because league and had the fourth-most goals in 2018-19 (78), however, it had been their league-low 41 against (tied with Middlesbrough) in which the group actually glistened.
But adding strikers like Lys Mousset into the fray do instill any assurance that theyll score a lot in their very first season back up in the major league.
Obviously, teams that are encouraged will find it the hardest to score goals up, so at 3/1 at Bovada, Ill back bottom to be finished by the Blades .
You could state that Southampton was somewhat lucky to survive relegation last year, however they were better after nabbing Ralph Hasenh??ttl to carry over to the touchline and sacking the Mark Hughes.
Using this in +162 at BetWay, Ill take my chances, although finishing at the southern team is going to be a difficult one are competing against Bournemouth, whom they will be close to points-wise more than likely.
The Saints finished with only 39 points a year ago, which was more than their devious 2017-18 campaign and also a far cry from the 46 they published in 2016-17. However, I like them to get a more powerful showing having a full season.
The Cherries completed six points over their southern rival last year but with neither club making a game-changing splash at the transfer market (yet), Ill back the Saints into pip the Cherries come seasons end.
Note for new readers: Hi. My name is Andrew and I am a Tottenham fan.
OK. Now that we are clear about that, I think my Spurs will be the top club in the table without the two major boys — Manchester City and Liverpool — and that +140 at Bovada is looking fairly great.
If you do not feel you can try out a Tottenham to be the top team in London in +125-ish. That would involve them completing ahead of the likes of Chelsea and Arsenal, but why not take the price that is greater and also exclude City and Liverpool, who are more than probably 1-2 in certain purchase.
With hours left in the transport window, reports began circulating about among, or even both of, Giovani Lo Celso and Paulo Dybala potentially heading in a couple moves for your club to Tottenham. If that is the case, then Id feel really damn great.
Even without any more incomings, Spurs are probably ahead of the remaining big boys.
Crystal Palace hasnt really done anything to reinforce the group and has been a lock that is bottom-half season. In reality, its been the reverse as theyve lost RB Aaron Wan-Bissaka, who had been sold to Manchester United in the summer window, and theres a likelihood that is legit that he is followed by Wilfried Zaha outside the door.
So they have added Jordan Ayew? Rubbish.
Once it ought to be mentioned that Watford finished one point before Palace last year, they did play the football that is superior and are directed by the manager of the two, Javi Gracia.
As I type this on a Wednesday, hours before the transfer deadline, Id like to see some more developments by Watford to feel like this is a sure shot, but minus Wan-Bissaka and without Zaha, Palace is longing for a significant letdown this year.
Not gonna lie. I enjoy what West Ham has performed in the transfer marketplace. Bringing in fascinating young playmaker Pablo Fornals, formerly and breaking the lender for striker S??bastien Haller in Frankfurt were both excellent moves.
I like the price here on West Ham to finish in the upper half of 2019-20, much as they did last year finishing 10th with 52 points.
Sure, gone is Marko Arnautovic, but I think that is addition by subtraction. Arnautovic, for a few years that the talismanic figure at the club, was more than a problem child that banged home the goal that is odd. With him from the film, I feel like this might be a shot in the arm chemistry-wise for your club.
This one is no gimme contemplating the thickness in the league, however in plus-money, I enjoy my chances of earning money here.
While many felt as if Wolves year that is fantastic came from nowhere, I had them at this column for a end at EVEN money. Premier League competitions and bettors will is talented and certainly take seriously this group in 2019-20.
Id finished seventh in the league with 57 points and using this seasons total set at 50.5, Im very happy with this OVER in -120 in Bovada.
Additional to a squad that already boasts the likes of R??ben Neves, Jo??o Moutinho, Diogo Jota and Ra??l Jim??nez, Wolves has added much more depth with the likes of Patrick Cutrone from AC Milan, Jes??s Vallejo on loan from Real Madrid, in Addition to shooting a shot with kids including Pedro Neto and Bruno Jord??o from Lazio.
Wolves do not anticipate that swashbuckling kind of football that was counter-attacking to go anyplace and scored some wins against top clubs last season. This group is about to compete to the best six and thelarger clubs better watch out.
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